“Anonymous’s” Story

“Anonymous’s Story

When my son and I arrived at Laurel House’s shelter, I was scared and worried about what would happen to us. I had no money, job, or car. I felt weak, broken, and helpless. The staff at Laurel House assured me that everything would be alright and they would help me and my son get back on our feet.


When I had to take my son to the doctor’s office for an appointment, I started worrying how I would get him there as my husband had our only car and I had no money for public transportation. The staff explained that they had funds set aside to help victims like myself with these types of situations and paid for us to have a cab take us to his appointment and back to the shelter.


Although it doesn’t seem like much, having not to worry about something like transportation makes a difference when you are leaving your abuser and have just the clothes on your back. Entering a shelter was difficult, but once I got here the staff made sure that my son and I were connected with an advocate who helped me file a protection from abuse order, find a job, as well as permanent and affordable housing.


When I asked how they were able to provide these wonderful services, the staff explained that there were generous foundations out there that cared about people like me and that they provided Laurel House with gifts to keep the shelter and its emergency fund operational.
I cannot say thank you enough for your kindness and compassion. My son and I are now living free from abuse and I am no longer that scared, weak person I was when I first arrived.


What you have read is a personal story from a client who sought safe haven from domestic violence with her small son. When she arrived at our shelter, she was scared and unsure of what her next step would be. When she left, she felt stronger and more empowered. It is thanks to Fox & Roach Charities that Laurel House can continue to help thousands of women and children seeking to escape to domestic violence. We are so grateful for your years of support and commitment towards helping us end domestic violence within our community.