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Address 401 Rutgers Avenue Swarthmore PA 19081-2434 Phone: 610-328-5955 Website: CADES Website


With a legacy that spans over 60 years, CADES is dedicated to improving the lives of children and adults with intellectual and physical disabilities, and the lives of their families.

We believe that independence, dignity, and individuality are the cornerstones for building a meaningful life. Offering a continuum of services from early childhood through adulthood, CADES is renowned for its highly personalized and innovative approach to care.

We invite you to visit us, meet our exceptional staff, and see first-hand how we are a community committed to building hope and transforming lives.

Volunteer Opportunities

Volunteers at CADES are one of our greatest resources. Sharing their talents and expertise, they help us with special projects that they enjoy, that benefit everyone here at CADES, and that we often do not have the resources to cover on our own. They provide additional cheerful voices, helpful hands, and warm smiles in the lives of the people we serve. Our dedicated volunteers open worlds, provide perspective, and enlarge the experiences of individuals whose worlds may be narrowed by disability. The value of our volunteers is without measure. We are deeply grateful for every hour they decide to spend with us, whether it is working in our garden, helping in the office, leading a class in yoga, or coordinating an event on our behalf.

Volunteering enriches the lives of all who experience it. When we reach across generations, across cultures, and across abilities, we enrich the lives of the givers as well as the receivers.

We invite people in our community to take a closer look at CADES—walk our halls, meet our staff, and see how we empower those we serve to find the promise in each life. Something special is going on in here. Come inside and be a part of it.