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Friendship House

Address 1503 W. 13th Street Wilmington DE 19806 Phone: 302-652-8133 Website: Friendship House Website


Based in New Castle County, Delaware, Friendship House is a non-profit faith based corporation serving individuals and families that are or are at risk of becoming homeless. Welcoming to all, Friendship House strives to serve as a sanctuary and stepping stone to those in need through the traditional spiritual ministries of hospitality, education, empowerment and community.

Volunteer Opportunities

With a volunteer base of over 1,500 people, Friendship House is able to help more than 5,500 people each year. Are you ready to say yes?

If you say yes to gifting your time with us, you are saying yes to an opportunity that will affect someone’s life, maybe several people’s lives, while also impacting your own. It is very powerful to see someone in need and be able to reach out to do something positive. By offering your time, you are proactively making a positive impact on someone’s life and also improving the state of those in need in New Castle County, Delaware.

If you want to learn more about potential service opportunities please review our Volunteer Packet. This guide is designed to describe existing programs that you or your group can get involved in right away. However, if you have something you feel called to do that is not part of this list, please let us know. We are always open to new ideas and suggestions, so please do not hesitate to share with us anything that is nudging or calling out loudly to you that can improve our services or add to our existing ones.

If you are interested in investing your time with us just once, with a group, or several times please fill out Volunteer Application. You can also schedule a tour of our facilities for yourself or your group prior to or part of your volunteer experience. We will ensure you or your group has the proper orientation to prepare you for what exciting opportunity lies ahead.

Without our group of selfless servers, we are unable to accomplish all that we are doing. With that said, thank you for taking a moment to consider being part of this mission.