Where Your Money Goes

Where Your Money Goes


Since our inception in 1995, Fox & Roach Charities has given out more than $5.2 million through office and department fund donations and board of trustee grants, to more than 250 local non-profits in Delaware, New Jersey and Pennsylvania.


In 1995 alone, we were able to give more than $430,000 to deserving recipients thanks to our office and department donations and board grants. All funds stay within the communities where we work and live.


View our 2015 office and department grants HERE.


View our 2015 Board of Trustee Grants HERE.


Here are some words from just three of the hundreds of charities we support —

From The Trenton Area Soup Kitchen (TASK), Trenton, NJ:


“For the past 15 years, Fox & Roach has generously supported the Trenton Area Soup Kitchen’s mission to feed the hungry in the Trenton area and offer programs to encourage self-sufficiency to improve the quality of life of its patrons. During the weekday, TASK is the only place to which hungry people in Trenton can turn for a free, hot, nutritious meal. Without our services, many of our patrons would go hungry. Each year, we serve approximately 3,500 individuals. Those who come to TASK include the elderly, the addicted, the mentally ill, the physically challenged, veterans, recent immigrants, families with children, the working poor, and the newly unemployed.


“Thanks to an assortment of food donations and monetary gifts, Fox & Roach has helped TASK provide approximately 7,000 meals to our hungry neighbors. In addition, members from Fox and Roach also volunteer at our organization serving meals and tutoring students in our Adult Education Program. It is thanks to community partners like Fox & Roach, that we are able to meet the growing need for our services in our community. Thank you again for all that you do for TASK and the surrounding community.”

From Build Jake’s Place, Pennsauken, NJ:


“It is hard for everyone associated with Build Jake’s Place to make any “thank you” to Fox & Roach Charities more heartfelt or more appreciated.


“When our charity began we thought it would be easy to gather people who believed that every child, regardless of ability, needed a place to play, together. We were convinced anyone would understand that children with disabilities often literally have no place to play. In retrospect, we were unprepared for the amount of effort and time it would take for that understanding to occur and to get our first playground – “Jake’s Place” in Camden County, Cherry Hill – built. We told our story to every business, foundation and person who would listen.


“Fox & Roach Charities was the first to respond with our first grant, as well as continuing donations from individual Fox & Roach Charities related offices. They put their belief in action with many service days at the playground, helping in our efforts to maintain the grounds. This generosity of time and money continues to this day.


“Every gift is an investment. Fox & Roach Charities’ investment has paid off a hundredfold. Today Jake’s Place is nationally recognized as one of the country’s premier play facilities. Everyday hundreds of children, of every ability, play there, happily. It is a joyful, wonderful place where laughter is the loudest sound heard.


“Fox & Roach Charities can take great credit for their faith in our fledgling non-profit as today Jake’s Place is a “destination playground” for thousands of Delaware Valley families. Its success has helped foster the creation of a “Miracle League” baseball league for the disabled on the “Boundless Field” next to Jake’s Place.


“It is a model for our next playground to be built in an adjoining county to serve even more children and families. Once again Fox & Roach Charities was the first to support us with a $25,000 grant and again associated offices have added another $5,500 to this great cause.


“Many children say that Jake’s Place is “their” playground. Fox & Roach Charities and the many remarkably generous Fox & Roach Associates can make this same claim. Everyone associated with Build Jake’s Place and thousands of happy children are so grateful to Fox & Roach Charities and its generous, understanding people.”

From STEHM, Inc. (Housing and Transitional Services for Women and Women with Children in Need), Wilmington, DE:


“Our relationship started in 2008 when John Shields, from Fox & Roach, hosted a volunteer day at our houses. We accomplished many maintenance items including cleaning, painting, and assembling furniture. We also replaced carpeting and cleaned out and organized the basements.


“However, the giving did not stop there! To our surprise, we received a grant from Fox & Roach Charities to assist our residents with clothing, food and household items.


“We were excited to be able to provide extras to the women such as interview outfits, work attire, shoes, diapers and coats for children. We purchased a vacuum, linens for new residents and ink cartridges for job searches. We also were able to provide grocery gift cards to get them started.


“We are able to provide housing for 16 women and children. With your generosity we were able to help in so many extra ways as needs were presented. We can assure you these gifts support a program that brings our residents to their goal of independent housing.


“We feel very blessed to be chosen as a recipient over the years of your organization’s charity and we can’t thank you enough!”